I’m so excited to share XenCompany with you! My goal is to make unique and modern products - proudly made in the USA (Politics aside. Ha), earth-friendly and offered in an array of finishes.

In my first life, I designed and manufactured under the name Suzanne Bennett Accessories— represented by Fragments Showroom NYC selling to luxury boutiques and retailers all over the world. Also, as a former model I was afforded the opportunity to pursue my passion of world travel which continues to influence my aesthetic; the function and simplicity of nature inspires me. Longing to be closer to a natural habitat — ok, a chic natural habitat — I moved to the Hamptons — a little slice of heaven with my very own vegetable garden (I know! I’m so lucky). My mother was a pioneer in the health food industry and passed on her passion for health, wellness and organic living- insights I believe we all need these days. It frustrates me (understatement) how the food industry, big pharma, fish farming, "that GMO seed company" - who will not be named, etc are participating in confusing and hurting humans just to make a buck. Ok, ok - billions of bucks. But it's wrong. 

  The joy of my life is my daughter who has grown into the most awesome young woman. She's super creative, an advanced art student who, I'm proud to say, is also involved in Global Service work. She is learning about nutrition and is currently compiling her notes for a book!

So… here I am, relaunched as XenCompany; and it’s more than just the XenClip! Take a look at XenPins— strongest prettiest hairpins ever. Best of all, every sale benefits children around the world in a meaningful way through the GO Campaign (a “no bs” straight-off-the-top 5%).

Stay tuned! :-) and please reach out if you have any questions: suzanne@xenclip.com.