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  1. Eileen

    These are hands down the best clips I’ve ever used. I have thick, shoulder length, wavy hair when it hasn’t been straightened, and when I’ve had a Brazilian blow out, it’s thick and fairly straight. The clips work perfectly no matter the state of my hair. I even use them to pile my hair on my head at night so that I can sleep better in summer. Love, love, love them!

    • Jill

      These clips are awesome!I love them. They look great and they hold my very thick, straight hair perfectly. And the best part is that they don’t pull. I hardly know they are there. I am so happy I found them. Thank you!!!

  2. Michele

    I have been using Zannclips/Xenclips for years. They are my go to product to fix my hair in no time. So useful. And they last forever – as long as you don’t lose them 🙂

  3. Victoria Ramos-Glew

    I love these clips! They are stylish, beautiful, and can be worn many different ways. My hair is medium thick and I can wear different sized clips in various ways. Sometimes I even put them in when my hair is damp to style my hair and make it wavy. They are made in such a way that they do not leave a bend in your hair like most other clips or bands. They are durable and unique. They make great gifts too!

  4. Molly

    If I was going to be stranded on a desert island and could only bring five things, I would bring a Xenclip- I am completely nuts about these clips- I have had long hair my whole life- I am 60- and until I got some Xen clips about a year ago, I never had a clip I really liked or one that really worked that well- These are so elegant and so easy to use- I am a farmer and need my hair up- These clips NEVER fail- I am completely happy with this product! PS FIVE STARS!

  5. Lisa

    I just love the Xenclip. It is the perfect solution when you want to look polished but do not have time to style your hair. Just brush clip and go! I carry one with me at all times because even on the days I style my hair it is a wonderful solution for the heat of the day. No need for a brush or a mirror when it is hot outside just twist and clip. Perfect hair in seconds!

  6. Claire

    Works great. Just as advertised. I have thick, long hair and struggled to find something that actually held my hair up, didn’t hurt, and looked classy & professional. These clips are truly a god send and have replaced all my claw clips. Highly recommend!!

  7. Vivian

    I’m always looking for the perfect hair accessories and it could be said I have a bit of an obsession with them. My hair is past my shoulders and I have to look polished for work. Thanks to an Insta post by none other than Real Housewife LuAnn deLesseps, I’ve finally found the perfect clip. I love how I don’t feel any pulling or stress on my hair as every strand is precious. The look is fantastic – interesting enough to always be fashionable rather than some dull and boring drugstore find.

  8. Martha

    Did not have very high hopes that this would hold my hair as it is very thick, but let me tell you it is amazing!! It stays all day and it does not pull at all. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE
    Very happy with my Xen clip

  9. dcb

    Saw you creation by accident on RHNY and decided to try as the application demonstrated all I wanted to happen with a hair clip. So I bought one through Amazon Smile as my rescue organization gets a bit of money from Amazon. I LOVE IT..So I then decided to see what all you have to offer and love the idea of totally functional boo boos..Reminds me of the dogs we save..All fabulous and the reasons people throw them away are usually unrecognizable. They function by giving unconditional love just fine!! So I can’t wait to get my order and expand my hairdo possibilities..Thank you

  10. Emma

    I’ve just tried one and they are brilliant! I’ve been getting so many headaches from having my hair up but these make it so comfortable!

  11. macklee22

    I am in LOVE! First off, when I ordered I was not sure what size I needed. I called, and a very kind lady helped me with all of my questions! Additionally, when I received my package today, they sent me an extra one (their new copper color), and I could not be more thrilled! Thank you to XenClip for providing not only quality products, but quality service as well! I will be recommending you all to all of my friends!

  12. Rita

    I have spent the past 45 years looking for a clip that would stay in my hair. I wanted to put up my hair without the slick back rubber band. Now that I’ve discovered Xenclip I have no need for any other clip. I recently was in a national disaster and lost all my xenclips. This company helped me far beyond my expectations. Not only a good product, a great company.

  13. Carol

    I am in love with these clips! I am constantly needing something to pull up my very layered hair after workouts. I have never been able to find anything cute and effective until now! These are adorable, work perfectly, and I love all three sizes! So glad I stumbled upon these.

  14. Molly

    This is an absolutely amazing invention. It kept my hair back all night and was so much for comfortable then a hair tie.


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