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Your lucky day!

While supplies last!
(Coupon Codes or Other Discounts Do Not Apply to Imperfect Inventory)

Please read Description below for more information.




It happens... which makes it your lucky day-- while supplies last.
Coupon/discount codes do not apply to Imperfect Inventory.

Hands are involved during each step of the XenClip manufacturing process - so occasionally there are human errors.

Cutting the steel, soldering tips, racking for finishes… A stem maybe slightly elongated, a tip off kilter or a small inclusion from the plating/finishing process.

We have high standards and will not sell Xenclips (at full price) that are not 100% perfection but also don’t like to waste.. So I’m introducing an "Irregular Bin". Never EVER would any imperfection interfere with the functionality— and likely you’d be hard-pressed to find the imperfection.

They’re also backed by our “No Questions Asked Lifetime Guarantee” so worry not!

XenClip is a revolutionary Hair Clip used for lifting hair up securely, comfortably, without need for readjustment, and without damage or dents. They are backed by a No-Questions-Asked- Lifetime-Guarantee. We even refund your shipping costs. :-) Offered in an array of finishes, they're, great for yoga or a night on the town. Generally speaking, they are not intended as a ponytail holder- though depending on your hair type, they can work for this as well.  XenClip accommodate all hair types-- if you can wear up (or pull in half back), you can wear XenClip. Check out our Customer, Gallery and customer testimonials to find out more.

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SMALL: L 2.5” • W..25 (1/4”) • H .25

MEDIUM: L 3” • W .375 (3/8”) • H .375

LARGE: L 4” • W .375 (3/8”) • H .375

XLARGE: L 4.” • W .5 (1/2”) • H .375 (3/8”)

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Check out our LOOK BOOK or our CUSTOMER GALLERY to help choose the right XenClip for you!


All Proudly made in the USA and come with a No Questions Asked Lifetime Guarantee.

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