Sienna Suzanne

Founder, Xen Company, LLC

 I arrived in NYC just shy of my 16th birthday. I went on to do some modeling and eventually found my groove in design. I was formerly represented by Fragments NYC,  designing under my then married name Suzanne Bennett— selling to luxury boutiques and retailers all over the world including Barneys, Saks, Neimans and so on; more on this, including editorial,  under “Vintage Press”.  Also, as a former model, I was afforded the opportunity to pursue my passion of world travel which continues to influence my aesthetic; the function and simplicity of nature inspires me. Longing to be closer to a natural habitat, I moved to Sag Harbor — a little slice of heaven with my very own vegetable garden. My mother was a pioneer in the health food industry and passed on her passion for health, wellness and organic living- insights I believe we all need these days.

The joy of my life is my daughter who has grown into an incredible young woman. She’s creative, an advanced art student who, I’m proud to say, is also involved in Global Service work. She is learning about nutrition and is currently compiling her notes for a book!

So… here I am, relaunched as XenCompany; and it’s more than just the XenClip! Take a look at XenPins— strongest prettiest hairpins ever. Best of all, every sale benefits children around the world in a meaningful way through the GO Campaign (a “no bs” straight-off-the-top 5%).                                                                                                                  

                                                                                 A note of disclosure: Some in social media have referred to me as the inventor which is not accurate; many years ago I discovered a product similar in design but of inferior quality which, after some years of tinkering, I developed into a Xenclip® using the finest materials and the reason each Xenclip® comes with a LIFETIME GUARANTEE. 

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The phrase “life-changing” is often overused, but in this case it could not be more true. 

Leonce is one of the reasons GO Campaign exists today. My friend Scott Fifer, GO Campaign founder, shared with me his discovery of Leonce— this amazing standout boy, one of the original orphans at the TunaHaki Centre for Street Children in Kilimanjaro that he visited in 2005. When I heard Leonce’s story I felt compelled to find him an education that would match his brain and talents!. I banged on some doors myself,  but then called upon and educational consultant - Krissy Naspo, great lady - who donated her time to reach out to boarding schools across America. Defying all odds, Leonce was invited to the fantastic Hawaii Preparatory Academy and is in his sophomore year.  He has been given a 4 year scholarship at the maximum financial aid, but that still leaves a portion unfunded for the next 2 years.

CLICK HERE to join me and be part of this amazing story!

A note from Scott Fifer, Founder of the GO Campaign

Dear Suzanne,

Leonce and I can’t thank you enough for all you are doing to change his life. All his friends from the orphanage in Tanzania tell Leonce he got “the golden ticket”, but he already knows that. He knows this is a one-in-a-million opportunity and he is making sure he takes full advantage by studying his absolute hardest and focusing on his future. 

His teachers are so impressed at how dedicated he is and they are so happy to have him at HPA.  He’s one lucky kid, and we owe so much of that to you. I remember the day you said, “Hey! Maybe my daughter’s school would have a place for Leonce”. Ultimately, when they could not find the space or money, you didn’t take no for an answer and enlisted the help of the educational consultant. You have changed his life forever.

Thank you for spreading the word about this remarkable young boy.  Together, I look forward to seeing where his bright future takes him!

With gratitude,

Scott Fifer

Founder, GO Campaign

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